domingo, 21 de agosto de 2016

Do you ever think about me?

I once met a girl. She had brown eyes and light brown-ish hair. She also had the most beautiful smile. Whenever I saw her, my heart skipped a beat.
I wonder if she ever thinks about me.

Her voice sounded like heaven, her lips soft as silk. I craved her kiss, her hug was a need. I wish she would notice me in a crowd, and point me out from above.
I still wonder if she thinks about me.

It has been a while. I still think about her. I see her sometimes, and it makes me feel alive. Her laughter resembles birds chirping with joy, and her eyes shine brighter than twinkling stars.
Whenever I think of her, I wonder if she thinks about me.

She probably does not remember me. Sometimes she gazes away and in that moment, I feel like she is secretly staring into my soul. I wish my fantasies were true. It feels strange. It is not love, but it is not lust.
I wonder if she thinks about me.

"Do you like me the same way I like you?" "I enjoy talking to you". So many things I wish I could tell her, but I am afraid of what she could say.
I wonder if she thinks about me.

Do you think about me?

- c.d.

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