sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

Sometimes "goodbye" does actually mean forgetting

They once told me
That I didn't belong there
That I had to leave for good
And stay away forever

I left two roses
On the right side of your bed
A white one for forgiveness
A red one of undying love

And so I left
Went away and never looked back
Yet my heart wouldn't stop beating
For all the secret memories I kept in my head 

Memories of the skyline
And the evening's seaside walks
Or the way your face looked
On an early Sunday morning

As the time went by
All the pictures in my thoughts started to fade away
 Just like the ink faded away
From the letter I left next to the roses

And now I can barely remember
The words I had written down on that piece of paper
 It feels like I've forgotten all of the things
That had once been a part of me 

And sometimes I wonder
If those things were really there
Or if it was just a fantasy
All along

I try not to think too much
About all of this
Yet my head tricks me
Into shedding empty tears about it

I like to believe that you smiled
When you found the roses
And that you took the time
To forgive me for letting go

But maybe you didn't
And perhaps you have not forgiven me
Because there's still a chance
That I actually belong there

The things is, I will never know
And the only things I have now
Are a bunch of old time memories
Along with a precious amount of scars

Every single one of them reminds me
Of what seemed to be a good time
 But I am sure I am better off like this
Even if I do not feel so grand anymore

All I want to say is "sorry"
For leaving without saying a proper goodbye
But I've learnt to forgive you for harming me
So why don't you forgive me for letting you go?

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