viernes, 26 de agosto de 2016

Sugar, spice & everything nice

It is commonly believed that ¨karma is a bitch¨. But truth be told, karma is nothing more than a myth, a cover-up for when things go wrong for people in life,
And yes, it is true. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes a loved one dies, or you get fired from your job or you just feel like everything is a mess and you can´t keep the bad thoughts out of your mind,
But in those moments, it is good to remember that we are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, We are made of stardust, and tiny pieces of the universe. We are matter, and matter is made of atoms, and atoms are made of all the good things in life.´

Maybe this entry is just a huge waste of time for those who read, but it will hopefully make somebody smile today. It will make somebody´s day, and it will make some of you realise that you are important. You matter. You are made of the same stuff that stars and planets are made of.
As I like to say, ¨the universe is within you¨.

- c.d.

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