lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

As funny as it gets

Every breath you take
Is a step forward
To your gravestone
To your death
Yet at the same time
It is a step forward
To a better life
A better place to be in
Isn't it funny
How  all the things we do
To stop our death
Are the ones that prevent us from actually living?

Because we are oh so worried
About wrinkles and diseases
That we don't spend enough time
Doing the things we want to do

And as we grow older
We realise
We have spent our lives
Doing nothing more than wasting breaths
- c.d.

La indecisión sobre el vacío ajeno

Una mente llena
De recuerdos perdidos
O escondidos quién sabe dónde
Que dejan a la persona sin saber qué decir

 Nadie acredita la ignorancia del individuo
Cuyas palabras reflejan su falta de memoria
 Porque es, al fin y al cabo,
Una mente llena

Un corazón lleno
Pero del peor de los males
La esperanza
Vieja amiga danzante

Nadie nota el sufrimiento
De quien lo porta
Porque es, al fin y al cabo,
Un corazón lleno

Un par de labios llenos
De algún licor añejo
Que proviene de una botella
 Que alguien ha olvidado en el fondo del desván

No importa si el sabor es agrio
Porque el borracho no lo tiene todo
Pero al fin y al cabo, tiene
Unos labios llenos

Me pregunto
Qué tantas cosas llenas vemos cada día
Sin darnos cuenta
Que lo único que hacemos es enfrentarnos al vacío

- c.d.

Perhaps we should have been parallel lines

I find it funny how people talk about "love" as if it was overrated, because from my perspective, "love" is the most underrated feeling of them all.
While everyone is looking out for it, it is well hidden in the darkest parts of our souls. And when we think it is nowhere to be found, it appears out of the blue and brightens up our day like no other feeling can do.
Love can gives us everything and take it all away from us within a second, like if it was a simple game. But it is not a game at all. Love gives us our hardest times, but our best times, too. Love is peace, but it is also chaos. It makes us as happy as we can be, but it also makes us feel miserable.
And I may be a simple human being, rambling about "love" like if I had any say on it. But I am sure many people would agree with me when it comes to this: love is, and will always be, one of the strangest feelings in the world.

- c.d.


Truth be told
I had never felt like this before
So much sorrow
Yet so much joy

It felt like
My head was spinnin'
And my body felt
Kind of sick

I needed to hold onto something
Everything was twisted
Because I was feelin'
A little unsteady

Your presence
Made me feel
Awkwardly uncomfortable
Yet I didn't want you to leave

And my thoughts
Were messed up
When I thought about you
Things became blurry

Now things are still unsteady
And you are still here
Sort of holding onto me
But kind of trying to let go
- c.d.

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Green Eyes

Once upon a time
There was a little girl
Whose hair was golden
And her eyes were green
Little did she know
How beautiful she was
And how fast
She'd make my heart beat 
Truth is
I'd miss her
She was not around 
And my lungs would ache
If I went
For a long while
Without smelling her perfume
I loved her
Oh so much
Yet she didn't love me
The same
I didn't mind
Because all I cared about
Was seeing her
 - c.d.

jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

True Art

There once was a girl
Just like the rest
With short light brown hair
And deep dark brown eyes

Even if she seemed
Like any other girl
She kept a little secret
Hidden from anyone else

When she spoke her mind
She became something else
Her eyes lit up like
Two bright shining stars

Truth is I've never
Seen anybody like her
So full of life and joy
With no regrets

She was a real masterpiece
Made by a great artist
Because her secret was
She was made of paint and dust

I had the chance
To meet this nice girl
And it was such a blessing
To be able to see into her eyes

Her smile was like heaven
And so was her voice
She sounded like birds
Chirping with joy

And when I had the chance
To gaze deep down her eyes
My body shivered
With fear and wonder

She made my days better
And always made me smile
And as time passed
I grew fond of her

Because she was
In fact, like nobody else
No one could ever be
Art, just like she was

And she reminded me 
Of nice things and star dust
Because like I said
She was true art

- c.d.

Girls like girls like boys do

Once upon a time
In a land not far away
There was a little girl
Who kept her fears hidden away

She had short
Light brown hair
And a bright
Shining smile

When she spoke
It was true wisdom
What escaped
Her lips

She once met somebody
But not just anybody
Another lost soul like her
Who happened to be, in fact, a girl

At first she was scared
Didn't know how to feel
It wasn't really normal
To feel something like this

Whenever she saw
The other little girl
She couldn't help to smile
And to let her heart skip a beat

It seemed like they were
Made for each other
Just like the spaces between her fingers
Were right where hers fit perfectly

And soon the little girl
Wasn't even afraid anymore
To let her heart show
All the love she had to give 

Both girls felt overwhelmed
In an amusing way
Not just because they were set free
But because there were together

- c.d.