jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Perhaps we should have been parallel lines

I find it funny how people talk about "love" as if it was overrated, because from my perspective, "love" is the most underrated feeling of them all.
While everyone is looking out for it, it is well hidden in the darkest parts of our souls. And when we think it is nowhere to be found, it appears out of the blue and brightens up our day like no other feeling can do.
Love can gives us everything and take it all away from us within a second, like if it was a simple game. But it is not a game at all. Love gives us our hardest times, but our best times, too. Love is peace, but it is also chaos. It makes us as happy as we can be, but it also makes us feel miserable.
And I may be a simple human being, rambling about "love" like if I had any say on it. But I am sure many people would agree with me when it comes to this: love is, and will always be, one of the strangest feelings in the world.

- c.d.

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