jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016

True Art

There once was a girl
Just like the rest
With short light brown hair
And deep dark brown eyes

Even if she seemed
Like any other girl
She kept a little secret
Hidden from anyone else

When she spoke her mind
She became something else
Her eyes lit up like
Two bright shining stars

Truth is I've never
Seen anybody like her
So full of life and joy
With no regrets

She was a real masterpiece
Made by a great artist
Because her secret was
She was made of paint and dust

I had the chance
To meet this nice girl
And it was such a blessing
To be able to see into her eyes

Her smile was like heaven
And so was her voice
She sounded like birds
Chirping with joy

And when I had the chance
To gaze deep down her eyes
My body shivered
With fear and wonder

She made my days better
And always made me smile
And as time passed
I grew fond of her

Because she was
In fact, like nobody else
No one could ever be
Art, just like she was

And she reminded me 
Of nice things and star dust
Because like I said
She was true art

- c.d.

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