domingo, 15 de enero de 2017

Brown eyes, brown hair

 It was strange
The way we met
But I am grateful
That we our lives crossed their paths

She seemed interesting
Dolcile as a daisy
But strong
As the wildest lion

I liked her
Maybe a little way too much
Or maybe it was just the excitement
Of having a conversation with someone new

Not only she was lovely
But I also had the impression
That she was smart
And beautiful on the inside

I used to wonder
What she thought about me
Because truth be told
I found her intriguing

Her eyes seemed to hide
A milllion secrets
And her three meters of hair
Looked like wondeful waterfall

I couldn't help
But to think about her
Most of the time
Even if she was not around

And maybe I was crazy
Or she was the crazy one
But meeting her
Was one of the best things in my life
- c.d.

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