lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

Money can't buy love

Some people think
That love is just
A chemical reaction
That occurs in our brain

Yet other people
Have faith and trust
And believe that love
Is a magical feeling

Which can only be found
Once in a lifetime
In the right moment
At the right time

Not only one person
Has tried to buy love
Without knowing that
A heart doesn't accept any kind of currency

There is so many people
That are so poor
Because the only thing they have
Is money and power

And most of the richiest people
Only have love and kindness
To give away
Without expecting anything in return

I consider myself
As someone with a lot to give
And fortunate enough
To recieve so much in return
I just hope one day
I find the right person
And finally be able
To give my love and devotion to them

- c.d.

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